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We know that it’s hard to feel at home covered in sweat and breathing hot sticky air because your AC is on the fritz. Again. Break the breakdown cycle by calling in All Fresh Temp Heating & Air Conditioning. We have proudly served San Jose for decades, bringing high-quality AC repairs at an affordable price. Our business shoots for efficiency. No back and forth, and no repeat-trips. Contact us for fast, effective repairs done by certified professionals who care about your satisfaction.

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“Is My Air Conditioner Broken?”

It might seem obvious that your AC needs repair, but sometimes the issue you are experiencing has nothing to do with your cooling system. At least, not specifically.

Before calling for AC repair, here are a couple of things you might want to double check:

  • Make sure it’s getting power. Whether it’s a blown fuse or an unplugged cord, it’s possible that a power issue is to blame for your AC not working correctly.
  • Check your thermostat. A broken thermostat could be the source of your cooling system issues.

Even if you’re not sure yourself, you don’t have to worry. Our San Jose AC repair technicians will perform a thorough inspection to confirm whether or not your air conditioning unit is in working order.

Don’t Ignore the Signs: Get Your AC Repaired Today!

Air conditioners rarely break down without warning. If you keep a lookout for some common air conditioning problems, you can probably save your AC and get a quick fix that will help it last even longer.

How to know if the AC is broken and in need of a swift repair:

  • You’re getting warm air instead of cool: The entire point of your cooling system is to, well, keep you cool. If you start getting a lot of hot air, it’s definitely a sign of trouble.
  • Something is leaking: If you see leaking or pooled water, it’s a clue that you may have a clogged drain pan or possibly a refrigerant leak.
  • It’s increasingly humid indoors: High humidity in your home is a classic warning sign that your AC unit is in need of fixing.
  • The unit constantly turns on: If the air conditioning unit frequently cycles on and off in short bursts and your home still isn't cool, you're paying a lot in energy costs for an AC that isn't doing you any good.
  • Strange or foul odors: A bad smell is never a good sign. Call a professional quickly to pinpoint the problem with a quick inspection.

If you’re not feeling cool and comfortable in your home, your air conditioning system is probably in need of maintenance or repair. If you feel like you're calling for repairs all the time and your air conditioner is more than a decade old, it may be time to consider replacing it.

Tight Repair Budget? We’ll Work with You!

With a broken-down AC unit, you’re probably sweating enough as it is. So, there’s no need to sweat a huge repair budget with All Fresh Temp Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer great services at a reasonable price. When you call, you can talk to a member of our friendly staff about a payment plan or current discounts. You shouldn’t have to choose between a cool and comfortable home and your wallet. We’re always willing to work within your budget and proudly service every make and model of AC unit, with no project too big or small for our team.

Call us at (408) 547-9945 to get reliable same-day AC repair in San Jose or nearby.

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