WiFi Thermostats

Precision management of heating and cooling systems not only improves comfort and convenience, but significantly reduces energy use, especially with a WiFi Thermostat.

  • Lower monthly utility bills quickly add up, recovering the investment into a WiFi System and adding value to your home.
  • Contact the professionals from All Fresh Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, at (408) 816-7268, and we’ll match your specific requirements, lifestyle, and goals to the perfect control unit.

Dependable WiFi Thermostat Installations

Family owned and operated, All Fresh Temp Heating & Air Conditioning draws from 33 of industry experience to recommend Nest Thermostats, offering our customers in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas optimum rewards.

  • Nest Learning Thermostats automatically cater to your life, adapt to seasonal changes, and after only a week of operation, program themselves.
  • In a variety of styles, these modern options incorporate seamlessly into any decor and are compatible with nearly all types of HVAC units.

Call our team for WiFi System services in San Jose, CA and surrounding areas!

Not only will your thermostat light up when you enter the room, displaying temperature, outside weather and the time, but it knows when you’re out of the house.

  • Utilizing sensors and your phone’s location, the Nest Thermostat will react accordingly, conserving energy when you’re out and welcoming you home to ideal comfort.
  • Plus, it keeps track of energy use and works seamlessly with other Nest products, to more conveniently control lights, locks, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and more.

All Fresh Temp Heating & Air Conditioning ensures the right answer to your needs with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee across San Jose, CA; South San Jose, CA, Campbell, CA, Monte Sereno, CA, Willow Glen, CA, Santa Teresa, CA, Evergreen, CA, Los Gatos, CA.

  • No Problems, Only Solutions Since 1987.

Some benefits of upgrading to a WiFi System include:

  • Increasing indoor temperature by 5 degrees Fahrenheit just once-a-day during the summer can trim cooling costs by 10 – 11%.
  • Raising the temperature by 5 degrees twice-per-pay offers a 16 – 18% savings.
  • During winter months, reducing the indoor temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit just once-a-day can trim energy use by 9 – 11%.
  • Lowering the temperature setting by 10 degrees twice-per-day provides up to a 18 – 22% savings.
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